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A transformative learning environment significantly influences students' learning, development, and behavior. Our facility, spanning approximately 17,000 sqft, is strategically situated near a major intersection, ensuring convenient accessibility by both car and public transportation. It is designed to be wheelchair accessible, promoting inclusivity.


Within our facility, we offer a Ministry of Education-aligned curriculum, spacious classrooms equipped with functional tools, gender-segregated learning spaces, a dedicated prayer area, and a versatile sport/leisure gymnasium – all contributing to student development and growth.


Should you wish to explore our facility firsthand, please do not hesitate to reach out for a visit. We are eager to guide you through our space, providing insights and addressing any queries you may have.

For a virtual tour, click here.

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Facility, Academics, Mentorship and Extra-curricular activities are key foundations to the success of students attending ALIF Canada. Our culture revolves around these 4 fundamental pillars in order to develop students’ skills and excellence.



Our premises provide numerous classrooms that are equipped for learning with  science and computer labs, a gymnasium, , and a prayer hall.

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In accordance with Ontario educational standards, our curriculum is complemented with Islamic studies in order to keep a balance between both, worldly and spiritual success.

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Our mentorship program is designed to connect students, allowing them the opportunity to learn from one another to become great leaders.

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Extracurricular Activities

Our “Student in Action (SIA)” program offers a variety of clubs and programs to encourage student involvement and provides students with an opportunity to discover and pursue their unique talents.

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