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As-salamu alaikum.

Dear Parents, Guardians and Students,

Welcome to ALIF Canada!

We are dedicated to providing students with a distinctive blend of academic excellence and Islamic values. Our commitment is reflected in our innovative and rigorous learning approaches, aimed at cultivating compassionate and successful individuals. By graduation from intermediate school, our students possess the essential skills needed to navigate today's dynamic society.


Under the guidance of devoted educators, we instill dignity and confidence in our students, nurturing them to become motivated innovators and community builders, all while being conscious of Allah (SWT).

Our goal is to nurture bright young minds, well-equipped with the skills and spirit to confront future challenges within the framework of Islamic morals and values.


As we embark on an exciting year at ALIF Canada, we pray for Almighty Allah (SWT) to bestow His blessings, grant us wisdom and guidance, and empower our youth to succeed on the global stage while upholding the significance of their Islamic faith.


Maulana Aejaz Patel


ALIF Canada

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