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Know someone interested in sending their child to ALIF Canada? Introduce us, and we'll express our gratitude with a $50 cheque when they enroll.

1.    Share information about ALIF Canada with someone.
2.    If they plan to attend, complete and submit the Referral Form below.
3.    The first referral received per applicant qualifies.
4.    After the referred student completes their first semester, you'll receive your $50 cheque. Call 416.438.4141 to request it.

1.    Open to current students, graduates, staff, or the general public.
2.    Complete and submit the Student Referral Form below.
3.    One referral per family.
4.    The referred person must register their child at the school.
5.    Referral not accepted for students already registered.
6.    Referred students must remain enrolled and in good academic/financial standing for at least one term/semester to qualify (minimum of 20 weeks).
7.    The Director of Admissions makes the final decision on referral eligibility.

We appreciate your support!


Complete the form below to refer a friend

Your Information

Information of the Person Being Referred

Thank you for your support!

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