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Summer School

Looking to earn an Ontario high school credit this summer? Students enroll for various reasons such as upgrading marks to meet university or college admission requirements, retaking failed courses, or getting ahead for the upcoming school year.

Take the next step – register with us to successfully complete your high school credit.

Why Summer School?







Upgrade a Mark

Many summer students register to upgrade a mark by repeating a course which you can complete in as quickly as 4 weeks. We have listed our most popular upgrade courses under the courses tab at the top of the page. However, any course can be upgraded for a better mark and it will be added to your existing transcript. You can learn more about eligibility for these courses here.

Upgrade courses are intended for students who wish to improve their grades in courses that was previously studied. The only difference between the regular version and the upgrade version of the course is in the assessment workload. Upgrade courses have a condensed assessment workload (fewer or shorter assessments), which generally allow for students to progress through the course at a faster pace. Bare in mind, the higher of the two grades will appear on the student’s transcript with the lower grade being shown with an ‘R’ next to it.


To be eligible to register for an upgrade course, the student must have completed the same course within the past 12 months, earning a final grade of at least 50%. A student who registers for an upgrade course must send a copy of their final report card, transcript, or credit summary sheet to ALIF Canada as proof of their successful completion within the past 12 months.


Retake a Failed Course

Some students enroll to earn an OSSD credit course in which they were previously unsuccessful. Whether you need an elective or compulsory credit we can help!


Get Ahead

Students also take summer courses to free up their timetable for the upcoming school year, to avoid timetable conflicts, or to earn a credit not available anywhere else.


Upon successful completion an official report card will be mailed to you and/or your prospective high school, notifying them that the course has been completed.

Please click here to view available courses. Please be sure to pay close attention to dates listed.

Please submit the registration form along with the supporting documents (a copy of their final report card, transcript, or credit summary sheet) to if you would like to register your child.

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