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A holistic education serves as the cornerstone for lifelong learning, recognizing that values and life skills are as crucial as academic excellence in shaping a well-rounded individual. At ALIF Canada, we provide a diverse array of clubs and programs designed to not only enhance academic achievements but also foster the development of values and life skills in young students.

Our extensive range of activities allows students to explore their strengths, interests, and talents, catering to individual needs and preparing them for the challenges of the future. Active participation in these programs not only promotes social integration but also deepens students' sense of belonging, commitment, and responsibility to the school, community, and the world.

Led by dedicated teacher advisers, these clubs play a pivotal role in the intellectual and social development of our students. We actively encourage students to engage in extra-curricular programs to become well-rounded individuals. Should a student have a passion for an activity not currently offered, they are welcome to submit a club proposal to the school management.

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