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ALIF Canada is delighted to offer school bus services to ensure a secure and smooth commute for students, subject to a fee. Student safety remains our top priority, and strict adherence to bus rules and regulations is mandatory at all times. The privilege of school bus service comes with the responsibility of following the established rules; any misconduct may result in restrictions or, if persistent, suspension from riding the bus either temporarily or permanently. To safeguard students and uphold standards, ALIF Canada has formulated a School Bus Conduct Policy, recognizing the bus driver as the authoritative figure entitled to respect and cooperation from each student.


Riding the school vehicle is a privilege, not a right, and is considered an extension of the school premises. All school policies, expectations, and the Code of Behaviour apply to each student during transit. Disciplinary measures, including the suspension of riding privileges, may be applied for misbehaviour. The following procedures provide guidelines and expectations for student conduct on school vehicles.


ALIF Canada has designated a specific area for the School Transportation Service to ensure safe pick-up and drop-off of students. Following dismissal, all students must proceed promptly and safely towards the designated zone.


1.    During pick-up, parents are responsible for waiting and supervising their child at the designated stop. It is crucial that the student arrives 5 (five) minutes prior to the scheduled time.

2.    School vehicles may experience delays due to inclement weather or unexpected traffic conditions. It is mandatory for parents to accompany their child to the designated stop, ensuring safe boarding and departure.

3.    The school vehicle will wait no more than a minute during student pick-up. If a student misses their ride, it is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to arrange transportation to the school and notify the driver of the student’s arrival.

4.    During drop-off, parents are responsible for receiving the child from the designated stop, arriving 10 minutes prior to the scheduled time. Delays may occur due to unforeseen conditions.

5.    The driver will wait 10 minutes after dismissal. If a student misses their ride, it is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to arrange transportation before 4:00 p.m.

6.    Specific pick-up/drop-off locations and times will not be changed without prior written request from a parent/guardian. Requests may take up to one week to process, with no guaranteed success.

7.    In the event that a child is picked up or dropped off by an individual other than the parent, the parent/guardian must inform the driver and the school in advance for the child’s safety and to avoid confusion.

8.    If a student does not attend school for the day or is picked up early, the parent/guardian must inform both the driver and the school to avoid unnecessary visits.


1.    Only registered students are permitted on the school vehicle. Non-registered students must not board the vehicle unless the necessary documentation has been completed, submitted, and approved by the Management.

2.    Students must sit in their assigned seats, facing forward at all times. Standing is not permitted until the vehicle has reached its destination and comes to a complete stop. Backpacks and other belongings must be kept within the assigned seating area to ensure the walking passage is not blocked.

3.    Students are to sit where directed by the driver and remain seated until the end of the trip. Students must adhere to the same seating arrangements unless notified or changed by the driver. The school/driver reserves the right to alter the seating arrangement as required.

4.    All students must conduct themselves to avoid endangering the safety or comfort of themselves or others. Shoving or pushing is not permitted while boarding and riding the school vehicle.

5.    The driver is in charge of the school vehicle and all passengers. Therefore, students must obey the driver's directions at all times while in their charge.

6.    Littering or depositing garbage is not permitted. Additionally, students must refrain from eating and drinking in the school vehicle to maintain cleanliness unless permission is granted by the driver.

7.    Students will be held responsible for any damage to the school vehicle resulting from vandalism or inappropriate behaviour, leading to severe consequences, including expulsion from riding the school vehicle.

8.    Hazardous items must not be carried onto the school vehicle.

9.    Students must not disturb the driver unless there is an emergency. Yelling, talking loudly, and unauthorized movements may distract the driver. To ensure safety, it is crucial that students not use abusive or intimidating language. Acts of ethnic insults will not be tolerated and will be reported to school authorities immediately.

10.    If the school vehicle is immobilized for any reason, all students must remain at the scene until alternate transportation is provided.

ALIF Canada maintains a zero-tolerance policy for any discriminatory behaviour. Such behaviour should be reported immediately to either the homeroom teacher or the main office.

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