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Our Electronic Device Policy at ALIF Canada serves to establish clear guidelines for the appropriate utilization of electronic devices, including headphones, iPods, cellphones, tablets, and laptops, during school hours. By implementing this policy, we aim to minimize distractions, foster focus on learning, and ensure a safe and conducive educational environment for all our students.


This policy applies comprehensively to all enrolled students at ALIF Canada and extends across all school premises, encompassing classrooms, hallways, cafeterias, and outdoor areas during regular school hours.



Prohibited Use

Non-academic usage of electronic devices during school hours is strictly prohibited. This encompasses activities such as texting, social media browsing, gaming, video watching, music listening, or any form of entertainment.

Device Storage

Electronic devices must be powered off or placed in silent mode and securely stored in designated areas like backpacks, lockers, or specified storage spaces during school hours.

Students are not permitted to have electronic devices visible or accessible while in classrooms or during instructional time, unless explicitly authorized by the teacher for educational purposes.

Classroom Use

Teachers may permit the use of electronic devices for specific educational activities or assignments as part of the lesson plan.

In such cases, students must strictly adhere to the teacher's instructions regarding device usage and abstain from engaging in non-academic activities.

Consequences of Violation

Any violation of this electronic device policy may lead to disciplinary action, including device confiscation, detention, or referral to school administration.

Repeated offenses may result in more severe consequences, such as loss of privileges or further disciplinary measures.

Additionally, electronic devices may be permitted for specific educational or extracurricular activities with prior approval from teachers or school administrators.

Responsibility and Accountability

Students bear the responsibility for adhering to this policy and ensuring that their electronic devices are used appropriately and in accordance with school regulations.

We encourage parents/guardians to actively support and reinforce this policy at home, fostering open communication with their children regarding responsible electronic device usage.

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