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ALIF Canada understands that uniformity is a way of strengthening our academic community. Our policy instils a sense of discipline and belonging amongst the student body. Our standards ensure that students present themselves as clean and well-groomed individuals. ALIF Canada emphasizes the importance of personal hygiene. We are committed to standards of cleanliness, and therefore, students are examined regularly for conformity to the guidelines. Any deviation from the established standards is unacceptable.

Uniform Standards & Guidelines

  1. All school uniform items, except socks and shoes, must be purchased from the school uniform supplier. Please see overleaf for price list and office hours.

  2. School uniforms must be worn at all times when attending the school and on school-affiliated trips and events. To preserve the integrity of the uniform policy, deviations are not permitted in any circumstances.

  3. Uniforms must be maintained and should be in a pleasant state (no food or drink stains).

  4. Hooded tops are not allowed. 

  5. Outdoor clothing including jackets, coats, hats, and other fashion accessories must not be worn during school hours.

  6. It is critical to re-iterate that all students must remain in the guidelines of modesty; thus, refraining from fashionable accessories including make-up, nail polish, and fragrances is encouraged.

  7. Body piercing should not be visible. Girls may wear earrings and they must be a stud or a single small ring. No earrings are allowed for boys.

  8. Adornment of restricted accessories and clothing is considered an offense and will be confiscated permanently. Repeated offences will trigger disciplinary action against the student. It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure that their child is in proper school attire. Inconsistent or incomplete uniform will eventually result in suspension.

  9. Hair should be kept in a modest style. Girls should modestly secure their hair under their hijab while boys must cut their hair as required ensuring they are kept within the bounds of modesty.

  10. Clothing with images, logos, etc. are not allowed at any time.

Click the images below for a detailed uniform policy

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